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We offer a fun, exciting and enjoyable way to learn about performing and creative arts. All children, even those who are not interested in theatre long term are welcome as sessions are planned and delivered carefully to work on various skills including teamwork, confidence, and public speaking.  

Exams are offered as a way for children to prove their skills to others, and develop their confidence further. Not everyone will be entered for exams each term. We offer exams based on the LAMDA syllabus for Musical Theatre, with subjects including Acting, Musical Theatre, Verse & Prose and Devising Drama. Children prepare for exams with the assistance of our teaching team, who have all been through the LAMDA syllabus themselves.  


Wildcats offer a broad introduction to musical theatre theory and practical skills.  We look at skills such as projection, audibility, clarity, use of performance space, emotion and engagement with the theme.  Children progress at their own pace and are never pushed to develop faster – we spend some time in sessions working on group dynamics so ensure everyone feels comfortable and also on keeping the ‘fun and enjoyment’ element to keep children interested and enthused about coming to sessions. 

Also working towards increased confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and public speaking skills of all children regardless of their level of ability in musical theatre.


A student singing
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