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for a class

To register:


  1. Go to: and register as a customer. This is your info and your child’s info. 

  2. Some notes to help: Experience level - if they have been coming to class for a while you can go with ‘intermediate’. This is more for new children when they start so we know if they have done something before.

  3. Medical Info: If it is ‘other’ pop what it is in the lower down box that says any other information

  4. Any other info needs something, so if there is nothing just write N/A.

  5. Once registered you will need to link to your child’s class. Find the class you want to register with, and select it. We will then approve it our side as soon as possible. When you scroll you will see all the classes your child is eligible for that have space.

  6. You will not receive an invoice to pay until term commences, info will be on the invoice. BACS is still preferred. 

  7. Please add a photo of your child if you can. This is massively helpful to teachers when looking at registers. 

  8. Please be aware: The system allows us to send messages to individual classes, students or the whole school so make sure you check your junk and mark them as safe. 

If you would prefer to only register as a taster, please email us for the link. This will allow a taster session, but the place is not confirmed until fully registered. Most parents register once they know they want a place.

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